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Never Say Die

My story is about how a simple shy traditional girl went through emotional roller coaster and survived depression after struggling with it for 5 years.


My Victory

From the beginning, 2013 was proving to be the most unfortunate year for me. I lost my mom to suicide, who was my best friend and my life. I was diagnosed with the last stage of cervical tuberculosis. I had to quit my job in Bangalore and come back to home, Patna. Going through the treatment, therapies, operations, is depended on medicines and injections seemed my life like hell. One after the other, these incidents broke me completely; physically and psychologically as well.


Catching Heights

When I was around 11 years old was when I first started to cut myself, to be completely honest I did not even know what I was doing – it just felt like my pain was diminishing, I felt stronger because I didn’t mind being cut. And it made me think away from all the bullying I was undergoing at school.


A Challenging Choice

I recently graduated from a reputed college and hail from a happy family where I received a good upbringing. I have been grappling with a question which I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with my parents. Despite going to a school that was co-educational, I did not get involved with boys romantically though I was judged for this by my school mates. However, these days I have been having thoughts of developing a healthy relationship with a man who shares my feelings and who respects me.


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