Inpirational Talks

Meaning in Life

Our journey from birth till death is full of surprises. Some experiences are sweet, some are shocking but life never stops. Many times we feel lost and directionless. That's when we need to take charge of our lives and keep going. However, we want our lives to be exciting to keep us going. Isn't it so? How to achieve this? How to make our life meaningful when nothing is making sense? How to overcome our fears and rise up? To understand the answer, let's see how our teenage Kanika made her life worthwhile.



Friends you must have heard the phrase "Accept and Move on" and would be wondering if its really possible. Lets try to understand "What is Acceptance?" As per the definition its the "willingness to recognize the flaws in oneself and willingness to tolerate a difficult situation" and only then one can focus on his/her strengths. I feel acceptance also means seeing things the way they are and getting in touch with reality, even if the reality is hard to accept.